Developer Alex Villas gathered investors in Dubai

MENA Newswire: Alex Villas Group (one of the top 3 developers in Bali) held Indonesia Investment roadshow conference in Dubai. The representatives of the Indonesian government, investors and financial analysts discussed business opportunities in the country. The event was held with the information support of Forbes Club.

The key topic of the conference is the Indonesian investment potential in the short and long term. The event was held in the very center of Dubai on the island of Jumeirah Bay at Bulgari Yacht Club.

Silmi Karim, Director General of Immigration at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia, opened Indonesia Investment roadshow, talking about the prospects for the economic development of the country. In particular, Indonesia has developed a program according to which by 2030 it will have risen from the 16th to the 13th place in the world in terms of GDP.

The program focuses on six priorities: infrastructure modernization, development of environmentally friendly industries, digitalization, support for small and medium-sized businesses, risk tolerance and creation of conditions for technological projects. Its implementation will increase attractiveness of Indonesia to foreign investors.

During the conference the investment prospects of Bali, the most popular island in the global tourism market, were also discussed. In the future, the Indonesian government intends to update the positioning of the island in order to increase the flow of middle-class guests who have money to buy real estate and afford comfortable stay.

Evgeny Kogan, investment banker, professor at the Higher School of Economics, founder of BitKogan digital media, noted that against the background of high inflation, unstable military and political situation in the world and the growth of migration flows, buying investment real estate in countries such as Turkey, the UAE and Indonesia looks like a reasonable solution for investors interested in stable passive income. According to the speaker, factors such as confident economic development, stable tourist flow and high rental income rates – from 20 to 35% per annum – testify in favor of Indonesia.

“Real estate in Bali is a stable investment tool, thanks to the actively growing market. We do not just offer our investors to purchase real estate, we form an individual balanced portfolio of assets taking into account their strategy, which can include both projects under construction and projects at the resale stage,” said a co–founder and CEO of Alex Villas Agency (part of Alex Villas Group) Nikolai Nechunaev.

As part of the presentation, Sergey Odinokov, co-founder and CEO of Alex Villas Sales, presented the company’s special offers for investors. In particular, he talked about the referral program that Alex Villas was the first among developers in Bali to offer to their clients. Its participants receive either a discount on the real property, and the discount increases with the growth of sales of villas and apartments, or a commission, the amount of which also increases with the increase in the activity of a participant of the program.

Maxim Oltyan, Chief Architect of Alex Villas Group, spoke about how Bali inspires the creation of unique architectural projects.

In addition, an environmental topic was touched during the event, as Indonesia and its neighbors in the region are paying more and more attention to sustainable development goals, including environmental protection. The participants also discussed legal guarantees for investors, a residence permit program and visa support for foreign entrepreneurs in Indonesia.

“Such events, which are able to unite developers, government officials and investors on one site, contribute to establishing of the most open dialogue. This provides ample opportunities to discuss current problems and ways to solve them, as well as achieve the main goals of increasing investment attractiveness of Indonesia, protecting investors’ interests and maximizing the benefits of their investments,” said Alex Stefan, founder of Alex Villas Group.